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Bowers & Wilkins New PI7 True-wireless Earbuds Sound Fantastic But They're $400
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The singer, who had been due to mark his milestone with concerts for 20,000 fans, pulled a face as he stuck up six fingers in a birthday video - in a clear reference to the ‘rule of six' Covid restriction.  
'A lot of retailers struggled with their online offering and that worked against them, you typically find that a retailer that has a strong online offering has managed to hang in there- and they feed off each other to some degree,' he said.    
But JB Hi Fi also has terrific policies where it's really easy - if something goes wrong they give you your money back. It's easy. It's frictionless. When you look at a JB Hi Fi it looks chaotic - but it works,' she said.   
That means the speakers using popular virtual assistants like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana and the unnamed digital helper on Google Home and Nest devices are listening to unknowing users.   
Battery life is slightly disappointing. The PI7 is rated for 4 hours on a single charge at moderate levels with noise-canceling while the PI5 is rated for up to 4.5 hours. The charging case gives you an additional 4 charges on the go.   
Oops: Australian Spice Girls fans are not happy after Mel B (second from right) wrongly announced the group would be touring Australia early next year. Pictured alongside (L-R) Mel C, Emma Bunton and stereo truth Geri Halliwell in London last week  
A Northeaster University study of smart speakers, including the Harman Kardon Invoke speakers by Microsoft, found such devices could randomly switch on to record people after misunderstanding wake commands for up to 43 seconds each time  
At 75g with the buds in the case (the PI5 is 61g with the buds inside), the case is pretty light and fairly compact, though not as compact as that of the AirPods Pro. It looks like a smaller version of the case for the Sony WF-1000XM3 and stereo truth -- like that case -- it can only stand upright if you flip it upside-down on its lid.  
Apple's Home Pod and the Google Home Mini smart speakers were included in a Northeastern University study that found such devices randomly go on to record people when they mishear words, sometimes even uttered from television programs as they broadcast into a room  
'While convenient, these systems also raise important privacy concerns—namely, what exactly are these systems recording from their surroundings, and does that include sensitive and personal conversations that were never meant to be shared with companies or their contractors?'  
A new study found that smart speakers are turning on for up to 19 times per day for an average of 43 seconds each time by words misunderstood from people speaking in the same room or heard from televisions.   
Mel B cuts a casual figure in white hoodie and matching... 'I put it out there so that it MIGHT happen!' Mel B... 'You can't replace anybody in this group': Mel B reveals... 'We will see you in February in Australia!' Mel B announces...  
These have touch controls and they work relatively well, but they're fairly limited. There are no volume controls on the buds themselves. It's also worth noting that there are no EQ controls in the companion app for iOS and Android. I'm personally OK with that, particularly with a headphone like this that's already perfectly tuned to my tastes, but some people like the options of playing around with the sound a bit.   
'We are pleased to deliver positive sales and strong earnings growth in the first half of FY20, with sales improving throughout the half and culminating in a strong Christmas quarter,' he said in a note to the ASX.  
Superlative sound I still have to do some additional testing and comparisons but from what I've heard so far, the PI7 are right up there with the best-sounding true wireless earbuds and may even be the best sounding overall. Like I said, I don't have an aptX Adaptive-compatible mobile phone but I did stream high-resolution music from a MacBook to the buds using the case as a conduit and also used the Qobuz app to stream music from an iPhone 12 Pro and a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. (Side note: I've grown to prefer Qobuz to Tidal, another streaming service that offers high-resolution streaming.)  
The Sussexes' podcast agreement comes just months after the royals agreed a £100million partnership with Netflix and days after Meghan invested in a £21-per-pack oat-milk 'superlatte' business later promoted for free by her LA neighbour Oprah Winfrey.   
'@OfficialMelB why you gotta do Australia like that. I mean I know there's a lot of terrible things going on in the world and I probably need to check myself... But why you gotta break my heart like that,' wrote one person.      
'When the @spicegirls actually announce they are coming to Australia I'm not going to believe because of all the god damn rumors and getting our hopes up that was mean @OfficialMelB,' tweeted one fan.  
'It's doom and gloom if you're in that traditional commoditised market if it's all price driven, down down down. If you're playing in the market you better have the cheapest price or you have real strife,' she said. 



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